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Impact Recovery Center: Your Ally in Substance Abuse Recovery in Birmingham, Alabama

Guidance Rooted in Personal Experience

Do you view recovery from substance abuse as a relentless struggle or a constant battle with addiction? Do you see your alcohol or drug dependency as a lifelong burden? These are common misconceptions, and they could not be further from the truth. At Impact Recovery Center, we demonstrate that it's possible to transform your life. Through connecting with a power greater than oneself and experiencing a profound spiritual awakening via the 12 Step process, the struggle with addiction can be eliminated and a life of freedom awaits.

Our Alabama-based recovery center is a nurturing environment where residents engage in a intensive and comprehensive addiction recovery program. The spiritual action plan enables residents to confront not only their substance use problems but also the root causes of their addiction. We guide our residents through a 42-day program that integrates the 12 Step process with a tailored clinical component. This structured approach, combined with the supportive environment at our facility, equips residents with the tools they need to successfully transition back into their daily lives.

Holistic Recovery Programs at Impact Recovery Center

In addition to our core focus on 12 step immersion, we offer an array of recovery options and a comprehensive aftercare program at our Birmingham, Alabama recovery center. Our recovery plans place a strong emphasis on a balanced diet, regular exercise, mental health, and mindfulness. Other services include daily workouts and bi-weekly yoga sessions. We also host family workshops and alumni events on-site. Our facility, set amidst nature, includes amenities such as a gym, basketball/pickleball court, frisbee golf course, and nature trails, ensuring an active recovery experience.

If you or a loved one are in search of a spiritual-based recovery program in Alabama, speak confidentially with a member of our team today.

Reach us at 888-300-7458 or complete our contact form to learn more.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Approach: Grounded in the Proven 12 Steps

Why Our Program is Different

Many traditional addiction recovery models fall short in offering effective solutions. For individuals grappling with substance use disorders, the perceived answer often becomes the substance itself. When the detox phase ends and the substances are removed, they often find themselves worse off unless they undergo a spiritual awakening. A truly effective recovery program needs to go beyond just detox; it needs to connect you with a higher power. That's the foundation of Impact Recovery's Alabama drug recovery program. We guide individuals suffering from addiction through the transformative 12 Step process. This spiritual reawakening not only changes their outlook on life but also provides them with a solution to their problems, rooting them in a power that helps them reshape their lives. If you or a loved one are seeking help or addiction recovery services in Birmingham, reach out to us today.

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Success Stories from Our Community

"Impact was exactly what I needed. I’ve been to multiple treatment centers and been struggling with drugs and alcohol for over a decade. Their approach..." continue reading on Google

Christian C
June 2023

"Top Notch 12 Step Education. Qualified Mentors. 3 Full Health meals daily plus snacks. Willingness to work..." continue reading on Google

Robert L
July 2023

"Impact is something totally different than I’ve ever came across. This is where true recovery is held at..." continue reading on Google

Dustin K
January 2023

"Impact will always have a special place in my heart. Iv been to 14 different treatment centers. From “celebrity” rehabs to last house on the block type places. This was hands down the most life changing. Before coming here I had 6 years of pretty good recovery, a clear understanding of AA and the 12 steps but has lost total contact with god and was struggling to stay sober..." continue reading on Google

Taylor H
January 2023

"I attended impact recovery as a client following a 4 year stint sober & a relapse. The experience at impact was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The program contains a perfect balance of respect and freedom..." continue reading on Google

Cameron S
March 2023

"Impact Recovery Center teaches you the AA Big Book and the 12 Step Program as I believe it was originally meant to be taught. It will change your way of thinking about whatever substance abuse issue you have..." continue reading on Google

Kenneth Z
June 2023

"I have been to several treatment centers and believe that Impact has provided me with the tools needed for long term recovery. Their knowledge of the 12-step program combined with staff who are living this way of life on a daily basis is a set up that has benefited me greatly..." continue reading on Google

Keith C
February 2023

"Coming to Impact was the best decision I ever made. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they all live and practice what they teach...." continue reading on Google

William S
January 2023

"Going to Impact was a great experience for me. I have been to multiple treatment centers in the past and none have been as thorough..." continue reading on Google

Jordan Y
February 2023

"I don’t know where I’d be without this place. There is something special about Impact..." continue reading on Google

Brandon W
May 2023

Impact Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program in Birmingham is a Perfect Place to Heal

Your Path to Recovery Is Just a Call Away

Experience Healing at Impact Recovery's Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for an awakening that revolutionizes your perspective on life, provides solutions to your problems, and helps you connect with a power that can rebuild your life. We aim to offer an environment conducive to deep spiritual growth and effective recovery.

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