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Impact Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Birmingham Alabama

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Have you been under the impression that recovery is a struggle? A one day at a time grind? That it is a curse to be an alcoholic or a drug addict? These notions could not be farther from the truth. If the sufferers ideals get grounded into a power greater than themselves through a vital spiritual awakening through the true 12 step process, their lives will be re-created. They will recover and go out into the world to do some remarkable things. It is actually a gift to need power!

At Impact Recovery Center, our residents will be in an environment and around a culture that breeds enthusiasm for seeking a spiritual program of action; this will allow them to gain access to a power that will solve their problems. Our men will be guided through the 12 step process exactly as it was done in the early days by our founders, whose success rates were incredibly different than those we see today. By submitting to this process, while residing at our facility, they will be set up for success when they transition back to life.

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Rehab and Detox Treatment at Impact Recovery

Besides unparalleled 12 step immersion, we do offer more! We have a strong focus on diet, exercise and mindfulness. We offer daily instructor led workouts along with bi weekly yoga. Our life skills workshops include financial literacy, goal setting, vision work, resume building and much more. Family workshops occur on site once a month. Our alumni events are also all on site. The grounds at Impact include a gym, basketball/ pickleball court, frisbee golf course, driving range, softball field and nature trails.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Recovery is Based on the Effective 12 Steps

The current “treatment center” model is extremely ineffective. Drug addicts’ and alcoholics’ solution to alcoholism and drug addiction are drugs and alcohol. When they are detoxed and their solution is removed, without a spiritual awakening, they get worse not better. Unless the sufferer can have an awakening, by moving through the process of the spiritual program of action (The 12 steps), while separated from substances, their chances are slim. This awakening revolutionizes their whole attitude and outlook on life, offers a solution to their problems and grounds them into contact with a power that will re-create their lives.
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    Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for an awakening that will revolutionize your attitude and outlook on life, offer a solution to your problems, and initiate contact with a power that will recreate your life. Our mission is to provide an environment that promotes the cultivation of a deep and effective spiritual experience.
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    Top-notch 12 step immersion program. Have personally been to their facility site and can say the work being done there is nothing short of life-changing.
    - Alec P.
    The staff is very knowledgeable about the 12 steps! I highly recommend this program.
    - Patrick O.
    If you genuinely are tired of coming in and out of rehab and you want a permanent solution to addiction, Impact will give you all the tools you need! I can’t stress this enough. It really does work!!
    - Hannah G.
    Highly Recommend
    - Chris Z.

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    Double-Occupancy Bedrooms

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