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What is the solution to alcoholism?

The 12 Step Program has been proven to work.

Does the 12 Step Program work for everyone?

In theory, the 12 Step Program should work for everyone; however, it’s much like saying diet and exercise are effective for everyone. Much easier said than done. It’s not the method that is in question, but the opportunity and capability of the person applying the method.

Are there other effective methods for getting sober?

Assuming we are speaking only of the real alcoholic, I would be a fool to say the 12 Step Program is the only way to get sober. With that being said, I’m not sure I have encountered a person who has sustained long term sobriety through other methods. In all fairness, it would be unlikely that our paths would cross.

What is a real alcoholic?

The real alcoholic experiences two things that a person who simply drinks too much will not experience. One, the inability to control their drinking once they start, or two, the absolute inability to stop drinking for good, and stay stopped.

Do these same qualifiers apply to the drug addict?

I believe that alcoholics and drug addicts both suffer from the disease of alcoholism. The particular substance a person uses is simply the substance that is most effective in treating the disease. Like with alcohol, a person can become physically addicted to a drug, meaning they will experience withdrawal if they stop taking it, yet may not be a true addict. This class of people will need to detox, but they are not likely to put the substance back in their body, even without additional treatment.

Why does the alcoholic or drug addict put the substance back in their body?

The short answer is that they do not have a sufficient solution. The mind of an alcoholic or drug addict will experience moments of insanity around the drink or the drug, rendering them powerless.

This takes us back to the original question, what is the sufficient solution?

The sufficient solution is the 12 steps, but ALL 12 steps.

What is entailed in all 12 steps?

The 12 Step Program is a process of ego deflation through a relationship with God, or one could also say a process of developing a relationship with God through ego deflation. Successful completion of the steps consists of the following actions:

What keeps a person from completing those actions?

Providing a list of reasons is the easiest way for me to answer this question. The following are commonly seen:

How long does it take to recover?

A person can recover in a matter of months, if not weeks; however, it may take some time before a person experiences an entire psychic change.

What is an entire psychic change?

It is a transformation; a complete shift in how a person perceives and presents to the world and its people.

Why should I trust Impact Recovery Center to assist me or my loved one in the recovery process?

1. We are transparent with who we are and who we are not.

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