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The 12-step process of the spiritual program of action grounded me into a power greater than myself that has re-created my life. I am so grateful for this gift and as a result, I am so passionate about doing this work with others, this is the bright spot of my life today. I went to nine rehab centers and was exposed to several top of the line “treatment center models” which for a chronic drug addict like myself was ineffective. When I finally ended up in Texas in late 2015 (even though I went to other supposed 12 step-based programs) I was exposed to the origins of the 12-step process for the first time. I was able to do this work while in treatment and my spirit finally woke up. I dreamed of the day when I would possibly be able to return to my home city of Birmingham and be a catalyst for helping spearhead a pocket of enthusiasm for the true 12 step process here. This has recently started to happen and God willing, will continue to grow and have a tremendous impact on helping end suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism.

I grew up in Mountain Brook where I graduated from MBHS in 2005. I went on to the University of Alabama where I graduated with a degree in Human Environmental Sciences. Professionally I have worked in finance, done business development and have experience in the substance abuse industry.

I live in Birmingham with my wife Sarah. I enjoy sports, outdoors, exercise, food, music, and spending time with family and friends. Most of all I love working with God’s kids stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction.

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