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I was born in Birmingham, AL, and have lived there my entire life. From nine to eleven years old, I had 11 surgeries, and my introduction to pain medication. I started using drugs and alcohol recreationally when I was 15 years old. I graduated from high school, began my college experience and graduated in 2008. My addiction progressed slowly, and I didn’t see any severe consequences from my recreational use. Shortly before completing college, I was engaged and had my first child. After college, I had a family, a six-figure income, material possessions but was internally dead. Once achieving everything I thought would give me happiness I realized I was miserable. As a result, my use of mind-altering substances increased substantially. Under the influence was the only time I felt relief.

Over the next few years, I slowly lost control of my using, when I used, and for how long I used. It took precedence over everything in my life. Finally, on November 18, 2018, I was brought to my knees and complete surrender. I was stripped of everything that I valued in life and became suicidal. The very things alcohol and drugs treated, such as depression, anxiety, confidence, fear, etc. were no longer being treated. Actually, alcohol and drugs were making them worse. The realization that I was brought to a place where I was about to make the ultimate sacrifice and take my life, shifted the direction of my life. I made a decision to humble myself and ask my brother for help. He was kind enough to pay for rehab and there I was introduced to the twelve steps.

I made a commitment to follow through the twelve steps although it was hard for me to believe they would work, but I was willing to see and believe that they worked for my sponsor. Over two months we worked through the steps and something inside began to change. For the first time in many years, I no longer needed a substance to cope with life. I discovered a sincere desire to grow spiritually which solved all my problems and I have been on that path ever since.

I have two amazing children and a healthy relationship with their mother and her husband. My work experience is in the following areas: Professional Sales and Director at a recovery program in Prattville, AL.

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