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Our Amenities And Facility

A Complete Recovery Experience

At Impact Recovery Center, we strive to create balance and foster complete wellness for our clients. So, in addition to providing comprehensive addiction treatment programs, we offer quality amenities! We want your time with us to not only be an effective experience, but an enjoyable experience.

Impact Recovery Center is operated from a beautiful facility where the conveniences of city life and the serenity of nature meet. We incorporate all of the amenities available to us into our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. For a recovery experience that will help you overcome your substance abuse issues and begin living a happy and successful life, please contact us today! We are happy to provide you with more information about our amenities, our facility, and our programs. Contact us to discuss your questions with us and learn more about our Birmingham rehab.

Our Available Amenities

We offer a variety of amenities that are all aimed at creating a quality experience for our clients. These programs offer a combination of fun, education, and utility for people who are enrolled in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

We provide our clients with amenities such as:

Workout programs and personal training

Yoga classes

Saturday cookouts

Frisbee golf course

Driving range

Softball field

Fire pits


Guest speakers

Family workshops

Financial literacy and resume building courses

In addition to these amenities, we provide peer to peer connection and small group sizes that foster greater success. The group you work with during your drug and alcohol addiction treatment will only include 3 to 4 other people. These small groups ensure that all of our residents receive the individualized attention that they need!

About Our Facility

Impact Recovery Center is located on a sprawling 61 acre facility just outside the heart of Birmingham. We are surrounded by nature but are also close to Birmingham, a major metropolitan area! You can reach the city in approximately 30 minutes. We use our proximity to the city to build a community, and utilize the natural resources around us in our addiction treatment programs. Outdoor recreation can be an essential part of a successful recovery plan.

Benefits of amenities in rehab

The amenities we offer supplement our quality rehabilitation programs. Although a lot of your time will be spent actively addressing your addiction, you will spend a lot of time on these additional activities as well.

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2900 Cahaba Rd - Suite 100A
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