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A True 12-Step Immersion Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Atlanta Metro

Ready to experience freedom from alcohol and drug addiction? Our recovery program will get you there. We do recover!

Impact Recovery Drug and Alcohol Program in the Atlanta Metro

For Those Looking To Heal In The Atlanta Area, Impact Recovery Center Welcomes You

Are you or a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Have you tried unsuccessfully to get sober in the past? Are you looking to not just heal from substance abuse, but to feel connected to a community and part of something bigger than yourself?

Impact Recovery Center is a 12-Step-based and spiritually-focused inpatient rehab center that serves residents of Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Located just a short drive away in Alabama, our comprehensive treatment program focuses on physical activity, connection with nature, mental health, and mindfulness.

To learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab for Atlanta residents, contact us today. We provide free consultations and can work with you to create a treatment program that will meet your specific needs.

It’s Time For A Fresh Start:

Impact Recovery Center Proudly Serves Those In The Atlanta, Georgia Area

Whether this is your first time seeking treatment, or you have been in and out of rehab for years, Impact Recovery is a place to find a permanent solution to addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab center was founded by recovered members of Twelve Step fellowships who understand the challenges of overcoming addiction and pursuing a life of sobriety.

After countless attempts to get sober, our founders discovered that the spiritual approach of the 12-Step program was the most effective and sustainable way to heal from addiction. Our treatment programs combine mindfulness and spirituality with discipline and accountability, so that clients can address the core issues behind their substance use.

Our commitment to helping men heal from the inside out and build lasting bonds that will sustain them in their sobriety has earned us countless recommendations and reviews as one of the best 12-Step focused rehab centers in the Atlanta, GA area.

If you are interested in speaking with our team, call 888-300-7458 or complete our contact form to learn more about our structured, spiritual, recovery-based program.

Impact Recovery Center is where you can come to heal your whole being and get a new start on life

When you picture yourself starting a new chapter of your life and growing into the most full and healthy version of yourself, where do you see yourself? If space, fresh air, nature, comfortable amenities, and exercise are part of your vision, then Impact Recovery is the place for you.

Located on a sprawling 61-acre property just a few hours from Atlanta, our inpatient treatment center offers the peace and serenity of nature combined with the conveniences of a metropolitan environment. The nearest major city is just 30 minutes away, making our location accessible to residents of Atlanta and other big cities nearby.

The Impact facility also offers a number of amenities that are designed to create a comfortable, inviting, educational, and stimulating environment for clients enrolled in our alcohol and drug treatment programs. These amenities include:

Workout programs and personal training

Saturday cookouts

Frisbee golf course

Driving range

Softball field

Fire pits


Guest speakers and family workshops

We make it easy for clients to stay busy and active if they choose to do so during their time with us. The grounds of our treatment center feature a gym, a basketball/ pickleball court, a frisbee golf course, a driving range, a softball field and nature trails. We have found that physical activity and connection with nature can be tremendously healing for individuals seeking to break free from old habits and access the healing available through connecting with a higher power.

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab uses Cutting Edge and Verified Techniques to Heal and Restore

The foundation of our alcohol and drug treatment program is the 12 Steps to Recovery model, which was developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and centers around the idea that true healing is a result of surrendering to a higher power and understanding the root causes of addiction. This approach allows clients to experience a spiritual awakening, which revolutionizes their outlook on life and helps them discover internally-motivated solutions to their problems.

In addition to this unparalleled 12-Step immersion, Impact Recovery also offers a variety of cutting edge and verified therapeutic services at our Atlanta area inpatient facility. These services include:

Instructor-led workouts

Bi-weekly yoga

Financial literacy workshops

Resume-building courses

Vision work

Goal setting

Diet, mental health, and

Mindfulness practices

In addition, we offer monthly family workshops, which provide an opportunity for our clients’ families to become familiar with the 12-Step process and our treatment programs as well as getting a better understanding of what their loved ones are going through.

Following treatment, we invite clients to participate in our aftercare and alumni programs, which include group meetings and events that bring together members of the recovery community to support and connect with one another. This helps maintain the mindset of recovery post treatment. Our aftercare is free and is open to all alumni, who are invited to return to Impact as often as they want to attend cookouts, sports, speaker events, sponsor nights, and other community events.

We have found that healing family systems and creating a supportive environment for clients to return to after rehab can help ease their transition back to “normal life” and prevent relapse.

For more information about our recovery-based program, send us a message or call 888-300-7458.

Success Stories from Our Community

"Impact was exactly what I needed. I’ve been to multiple treatment centers and been struggling with drugs and alcohol for over a decade. Their approach..." continue reading on Google

Christian C
June 2023

"Top Notch 12 Step Education. Qualified Mentors. 3 Full Health meals daily plus snacks. Willingness to work..." continue reading on Google

Robert L
July 2023

"Impact is something totally different than I’ve ever came across. This is where true recovery is held at..." continue reading on Google

Dustin K
January 2023

"Impact will always have a special place in my heart. Iv been to 14 different treatment centers. From “celebrity” rehabs to last house on the block type places. This was hands down the most life changing. Before coming here I had 6 years of pretty good recovery, a clear understanding of AA and the 12 steps but has lost total contact with god and was struggling to stay sober..." continue reading on Google

Taylor H
January 2023

"I attended impact recovery as a client following a 4 year stint sober & a relapse. The experience at impact was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The program contains a perfect balance of respect and freedom..." continue reading on Google

Cameron S
March 2023

"Impact Recovery Center teaches you the AA Big Book and the 12 Step Program as I believe it was originally meant to be taught. It will change your way of thinking about whatever substance abuse issue you have..." continue reading on Google

Kenneth Z
June 2023

"I have been to several treatment centers and believe that Impact has provided me with the tools needed for long term recovery. Their knowledge of the 12-step program combined with staff who are living this way of life on a daily basis is a set up that has benefited me greatly..." continue reading on Google

Keith C
February 2023

"Coming to Impact was the best decision I ever made. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they all live and practice what they teach...." continue reading on Google

William S
January 2023

"Going to Impact was a great experience for me. I have been to multiple treatment centers in the past and none have been as thorough..." continue reading on Google

Jordan Y
February 2023

"I don’t know where I’d be without this place. There is something special about Impact..." continue reading on Google

Brandon W
May 2023

Impact Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program in Atlanta is a Perfect Place to Heal

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Experience Healing at Impact Recovery's Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for an awakening that revolutionizes your perspective on life, provides solutions to your problems, and helps you connect with a power that can rebuild your life. We aim to offer an environment conducive to deep spiritual growth and effective recovery.

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