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Fentanyl is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs there is. It
is a highly potent pain medication that is typically reserved for serious
medical conditions and is administered under the strict supervision of
doctors. However, it is used recreationally as well and is often combined
with other hazardous substances. In a setting that is not monitored by
a medical professional, the use of fentanyl is often life-threatening.

Impact Recovery Center combines traditional
12-step addiction treatment with wellness activities and community support. Through all of these methods,
we can help you address the root cause of your addiction issues and help
you overcome them.

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What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a prescription drug that is used to treat patients with severe
pain, or patients who have a tolerance to other types of pain medication
and require a more potent drug. It is marketed under brand names such
as Sublimaze, Actiq, and Duragesic.

Although fentanyl is a prescription drug and does serve a legitimate medical
purpose when used correctly, it is also created illegally. The counterfeit
version of the drug, which can be produced as a pill, powder, or liquid,
is the form of the drug that often leads to addiction and negative health
effects. Illegally-produced fentanyl is often combined with other drugs,
increasing their potency and risk of addiction and overdose.

The Hazards of Fentanyl Use

Fentanyl is a highly addictive drug that is more potent than heroin, morphine,
and some of the world’s other notoriously dangerous substances.
Using the drug can lead to effects such as nausea, sedation, respiratory
issues, unconsciousness, sleepiness, and confusion. Although the effects
of fentanyl can be dangerous on their own, one of the most significant
risks of using fentanyl is addiction. As the fentanyl tolerance of a person
increases, the health impacts of the drug worsen. With more use, users
also become increasingly at risk for overdose. Fentanyl’s potency
makes users highly at risk for overdose. It is one of the most deadly
drugs out there.

Ceasing fentanyl use often causes damaging withdrawal symptoms, which may
include chills, sweating, body pain, weakness, nausea and vomiting, insomnia,
increased heart rate, and breathing issues.

The high level of addiction and overdose that fentanyl leads to, in addition
to the dangerous withdrawal effects of the drug, mean the assistance of
a professional is crucial in the fight to quit using. Our team has experienced
the ups and downs of recovery ourselves, and is here to help you through
this. We offer effective fentanyl addiction treatment in Birmingham.

Co-Occuring Substance Abuse Issues

Fentanyl is often used in combination with other dangerous and highly-addictive
drugs, rather than on its own. Because of this commonality, people who
are in need of treatment for fentanyl addiction often struggle with other
substance abuse issues as well.

We can help you combat these co-occurring issues if you are struggling
with addictions to multiple drugs. We offer treatment programs for many
different types of substances, and can adapt your recovery plan to your
unique needs.

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