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    About Impact Recovery Center

    Recover from Addiction at Impact Recovery Center

    As founders and recovered members of Twelve Step fellowships, we believe addiction is a problem that centers in the mind, but more importantly, in a broken internal condition that one cannot remedy on their own. After countless vain attempts, we discovered the only effective approach was a spiritual program of action requiring tremendous discipline and accountability. When crushed by a self-imposed crisis, we experienced the hopelessness of Step 1. Paradoxically, hope emerged from this place of hopelessness when we realized we could do nothing to solve the problem. We became willing to go to any extreme for victory over addiction. Permanent recovery requires this attribute and our program encourages our residents to submit to a way other than their own. This is the key ingredient in recovery from addiction.We also offer free consultations. This time is an opportunity for us to answer your questions and begin guiding you on your path to recovery. Please contact us today to transform your life.

    If you are interested in speaking with our team, call 888-300-7458 or complete our contact form to learn more about our structured, spiritual, recovery-based program.

    Our Values

    • Integrity

      We say what we will do and we do what we say we will do

    • Commitment

      Our actions must back up our decisions

    • Discipline

      We are undisciplined; the twelve steps teach us discipline

    • Accountability

      We take responsibility for our lives; all of our problems are of our own making

    • Selflessness

      Enlightened self-interest – the best way to get ours is to make sure everyone else gets theirs first

    • Communication

      Seek first to understand then we shall be understood

    • Excellence

      We strive to always do our best

    • Service

      Now that we’re clean and sober, what are we doing to make the world a better place?

    Permanent Recovery is Possible

    By describing ourselves as “recovered” we do not mean cured but the symptoms of addiction, loss of control once we start and an inability to stay away from the first drink or drug no matter how great the necessity or the wish, have been arrested. But if the main problem (broken internal condition) is not treated on a continuous basis using the Twelve Steps, the thought to drink or use will return and we’re off to the races again. Our teachers shared with us a process and system that produced sustainable recovery and sobriety, which had been unattainable until then. This course of action (The Twelve Steps) generated a personality change sufficient in bringing about recovery from addiction. Our addiction recovery program emphasizes the necessity of a conversion experience which will change the individual, giving him a new way of living and thinking.

    • “Top-notch 12 step immersion program. Have personally been to their facility site and can say the work being done there is nothing short of life-changing.”

      - Alec P.
    • “The staff is very knowledgeable about the 12 steps! I highly recommend this program.”

      - Patrick O.
    • “If you genuinely are tired of coming in and out of rehab and you want a permanent solution to addiction, Impact will give you all the tools you need! I can’t stress this enough. It really does work!!”

      - Hannah G.

    Drugs and Alcohol are only a Symptom of the Problem

    Selfishness and self-centeredness are the root of the problem. An addict’s character must be refined to bring about recovery. The Twelve Step process in and of itself creates the change. At IRC, we strongly believe the key to our freedom lies in solidifying a foundation rooted in the 12-Steps.

    In addition, we offer a method which hones and polishes several vital life skills, such as accountability, responsibility, discipline, physical fitness, proper diet and basic financial literacy. You and your loved one can recover and be given the power to help others. Upon this foundation, a happy and purposeful life can be built.

    We are available to discuss how we can help you find solution — send us a message or call (205) 707-6950 today.

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