After Care

After Care

Support at Every Step of Recovery

Recovery does not end once you complete a program. Recovery is a lifelong process that requires constant work. An essential piece of the recovery process is after care, which provides support following the completion of a program.

At Impact Recovery Center, we offer quality after care programs that provide continued support through your recovery. These programs ensure that you remain in the recovery mindset even when you are not in treatment, and continue to interact with others who are in recovery. Please contact us to learn more about our after care programs and pathways to recovery.

What is After Care?

After care is the period of recovery that follows program. Recovery is a lifelong process, and support is required at every step. In the scope of rehab, the term “after care” generally refers to the programs that a person participates in during the time immediately following their completion of an addiction program. The purpose of after care is to ensure that a person continues their dedication to recovery and avoids relapse in the weeks and months after a program.

We offer solutions to addiction, not just band-aids. Call 888-300-7458 or complete our contact form to speak with our team.

Our After Care Programs

Our after care programs involve people who are at every stage of the recovery process.

We have alumni meetings, guest speaker events, and Saturday cookouts all aimed at bringing together people in our recovery community. These events are a chance for participants to not only connect with others in recovery and remain in a program, but also to have fun in sobriety!

How Our Aftercare is Different

First of all, our aftercare is free. Our alumni coordinator stays actively engaged with our clients once they finish the program. Our alumni can come back to Impact as much as they want. Our aftercare consists of onsite weekly meetings, sponsor nights, cookouts, sports, and monthly alumni meetings with a 12 step speaker. We find that our men that stay in the Birmingham area crave the culture at Impact and want to come back and participate and stay plugged in.

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Your Recovery is Our Mission
  • Top-notch 12 step immersion program. Have personally been to their facility site and can say the work being done there is nothing short of life-changing.

    - Alec P.
  • The staff is very knowledgeable about the 12 steps! I highly recommend this program.

    - Patrick O.
  • If you genuinely are tired of coming in and out of rehab and you want a permanent solution to addiction, Impact will give you all the tools you need! I can’t stress this enough. It really does work!!

    - Hannah G.
  • Highly Recommend

    - Chris Z.

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