Embracing Our Unique Culture

Every member on our 12-step team works a 12-step program, and has integrated this into a way of living. We believe setting the tone for an individual’s experience starts at the top. Our team leads by example. We teach a way of living that works for us. In other words, we do as we ask others to do.

With our extensive experience in the field, we've honed our understanding of what truly works and what doesn't. We strip away the unnecessary “fluff” and focus on the vital: the work. While we're serious about the services we provide, we maintain a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels comfortable approaching any team member at any point.

Our Approach:

We assist in individuals getting free from addiction through a spiritual program of action. We provide a loving and supportive environment that enables the individual to return to his authentic self. Our main goal: to help get the individual out of the vicious cycle of addiction and into a life of freedom.

Our Values and Beliefs:






We truly believe spiritual principles will solve all our problems

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Impact Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program in Birmingham is a Perfect Place to Heal

Your Path to Recovery Is Just a Call Away

Experience Healing at Impact Recovery's Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for an awakening that revolutionizes your perspective on life, provides solutions to your problems, and helps you connect with a power that can rebuild your life. We aim to offer an environment conducive to deep spiritual growth and effective recovery.

2900 Cahaba Rd - Suite 100A
Mountain Brook - Birmingham, AL 35223