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    Cameron SmithCameron Smith
    02:48 27 Feb 23
    I attended impact recovery as a client following a 4 year stint sober & a relapse. The experience at impact was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The program contains a perfect balance of respect and freedom, while also teaching men the principals of how to permanently recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. If you are considering treatment for yourself or a loved one who would like to learn how to get sober, then I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend impact.Thank you Chad, Jacob, Adams, Colby, Ryan and Tanner.
    keith canadakeith canada
    19:09 02 Feb 23
    I have been to several treatment centers and believe that Impact has provided me with the tools needed for long term recovery. Their knowledge of the 12-step program combined with staff who are living this way of life on a daily basis is a set up that has benefited me greatly. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given, and would recommend anyone who has been through treatment before and is considering going back to take advantage of what they have to offer.
    Tyler HanberryTyler Hanberry
    22:08 31 Dec 22
    Impact will always have a special place in my heart. Iv been to 14 different treatment centers. From “celebrity” rehabs to last house on the block type places. This was hands down the most life changing.Before coming here I had 6 years of pretty good recovery, a clear understanding of AA and the 12 steps but has lost total contact with god and was struggling to stay sober.I got to impact with an open mind ready for a new experience and found the best relationship with God that I’ve ever had. They got me to realize certain daily disciplines are not optional for a drug addict like me and then re trained my belief system.The fact that Impact does not have to cater to insurance companies is what Makes this place. They can teach the program, as it’s laid out in the book, the way people were taught 90 years ago when the success rate was 70%+.Best experience of my life. Thank you to all the guys that devote their life to this!
    William SmithWilliam Smith
    18:32 29 Dec 22
    Coming to Impact was the best decision I ever made. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they all live and practice what they teach. They truly lead by example. Going through this 12 step immersion, I learned things about the big book I never could have learned if I tried to read it on my own. There is something special about working the 12 steps with a group of like minded individuals at the same time and the fellowship you build is incredible. If you want the solution to not only the problem of drugs and alcohol but to all of life’s problems then come check it out. I am forever grateful for this place!
    Jesse BeethamJesse Beetham
    22:17 20 Oct 22
    I can honestly say that this place saved my life when I thought nothing could. The staff is filled with Recovered men and women that truly want to see success in your life and will teach you exactly how to obtain just that. If you are looking to recover from a life crippling disease then Impact Recovery Center is the place to go. The facility itself is a beautiful and fun place to be at all times. I am forever grateful for this place and what it has done for my life.
    Daniel ShawDaniel Shaw
    13:59 22 Sep 22
    After many attempts to get myself right, I was very fortunate to be recommended to Impact Recovery Center. The staff is amazing, owner is great and very hands on. Great facilities, and true to the actual program. I am very grateful for what I received from Impact. If youre considering treatment, this is the place to go.
    21:13 09 Aug 22
    This program has been an amazing experience that has completely changed my life drastically. The staff is great, and really know how to bring you through important work that will save your life. If you're sick of being sick, then this is the place that you can get well. I never imagined being as content as I am without alcohol, and to be able to live without going through life numb. It's absolutely mind-blowing.
    Tyler BullardTyler Bullard
    14:22 26 Jul 22
    Impact Recovery is the place to come if your at the end of your rope and truly want to get sober. The staff doesn’t just teach the 12 step program, they live it. Humble gentlemen who really understand the work and can explain so well, to where it can relate to anyones story or struggle. I came in here thinking I knew everything there was to know about the big book and the work. I had a completely new experience that has opened my eyes to a new way to live my life not just sober, but with happiness and with peace . I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to start a new way of life.
    Ryan MoodyRyan Moody
    16:24 30 May 22
    Incredible place that changed my life! I will forever be grateful for the growth and direction that Impact Recovery Center provided me. I had an immersive 12-Step experience and learned the Big Book the way that I believe it was intended to be taught. The work is laid out in a way that anyone can understand it, as the staff works with residents in small groups in order to best reach each individual resident. I had a very personable experience with each staff member and am happy to call each of them a friend today! Incredible experience!
    J DJ D
    14:27 01 Apr 22
    My experience at this place was eye opening and life changing. The way they present the work is done in a way that I have never experienced. It is different from all other facilities I have been to. Staff are all friendly and do the best they can to accommodate the residents. They offered family sessions that my family explained to be most beneficial compared to all others they have attended. Impact offered more to my life than I can even explain. I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Impact!

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