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Why do people use drugs? For some, drugs are an escape from the monotony
or sorrow of everyday life. Others get into drugs for recreational purposes.
Some people begin using drugs for a medical purpose and become addicted
to the substance. Regardless of your reason for starting to use drugs,
there is a way that you can stop. The team at Impact Recovery Center can help.

Our founders and staff are in recovery themselves, and understand your
situation. We aim our program toward the internal sources of your addiction
issues and work to resolve them with a spiritual solution. Contact us today to learn more about
our drug addiction recovery programs in Birmingham and begin your path to recovery!

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Our Drug Addiction Programs

Our approach to drug addiction can be applied to a wide range
of issues. Whether you have issues with a drug you were prescribed, are
struggling with recreational drug use, or have issues with a combination
of different drugs, we can help.

We provide programs for people who struggle with addiction to
substances such as:

Identifying Drug Addiction

The first step to recovery is identifying that you are struggling with
drug addiction. By thinking critically about your behaviors or the behaviors
of a loved one, you can determine an issue and ensure you or that person
receives the help they need.

You or a loved one may have substance abuse issues if you exhibit any of
the following behaviors:

  • Avoiding family and friends and isolating
  • Changing routines
  • Acting strange or erratic
  • Not showing up for work or other commitments
  • Experiencing financial difficulties
  • Being secretive about activities or hiding things

The behaviors listed above are only a few examples of drug addiction signs.
Every person is different, and it is very possible that your case is not
typical. We offer free consultations to ensure everyone who is interested
in our programs has a chance to tell their story and receive a recovery program
that is right for them.

Local Drug Addiction statistics

Drug addiction has spread throughout the United States for decades, with
Alabama being no exception. According to data from the
National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 775 reported drug overdose deaths in Alabama in 2018 alone.
Of these fatalities, 381 involved opioids. This is not surprising considering
how in this same year, Alabama had the highest opioid prescription rate
in the country at 97.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons—a
rate almost twofold greater than the national average.

How We help with Drug Addiction

Our approach to drug addiction differs from some other
centers. Rather than teaching people how to avoid “triggers”
and manage their addiction issues, we focus on the internal causes of
addiction. By understanding the reasons you use drugs and managing those
issues, you can encounter potential “triggers” without experiencing
the desire to abuse substances.

We utilize
the 12 steps in our approach to addiction recovery. This traditional method of recovery
accounts for the progression in thinking that people must follow to overcome issues. It is known as one of the most effective methods
of addiction recovery.

We also utilize wellness activities and alternative forms for recovery.
In addition to traditional recovery methods, your time with our program
may involve activities such as golf, yoga, workouts, and softball. We
provide courses in life skills such as financial literacy and resume building
as well. Within all of our program methods, we focus on community building
and fostering healthy relationships. We allow the families of our clients
to get involved in their loved one’s recovery, and also have a network
of program alumni and sponsors who will support you at every step of the way.

Breaking the Stigma of Drug Addiction

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with an addictive substance attempt
to hide it or never seek help due to the negative stigma associated with
addiction. Seen as criminals, drop-outs, or failures, many people view
addicts as being deserving of their circumstances as a result of poor choices.
The reality is that addiction does not discriminate.

While a person’s association with an addictive substance may begin as a
choice, once a person becomes addicted, they are no longer in control.
At Impact Recovery Center, we seek to break the stigma of addiction and
take a stand to this growing epidemic with compassion. We have been where
you are, and we know how to help.

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(205) 707-6950 to learn more about our structured, spiritual recovery program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Is drug recovery covered by insurance?

    A:Health insurance plans generally cover treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as mental health disorders thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Many insurance plans can cover inpatient and outpatient care, medical detox, co-occurring disorder treatment, aftercare, and more. Each plan is different in what types of coverage is provided or how long they can cover drug recovery, which is why it’s important you first check with your provider and call us to determine whether our recovery center is right for you.

  • Q:Do I really need drug treatment?

    A:At Impact Recovery Center, we know it can be challenging and even daunting to ask for help. You may feel like your relationship with drugs isn’t an addiction yet, or that you can get clean on your own without professional help. However, if your drug use is interfering with your life, you can benefit from drug rehab. Rehab is about much more than just getting sober – it’s about learning healthy coping mechanisms, getting family counseling, and trying various therapies that will help you in your recovery and reduce the chance of relapsing. We recommend asking yourself some of the following questions provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse – if you’ve answered yes to these, give us a call to learn about how we can help:  1.) Do you think about drugs a lot? 2.) Did you ever try to stop or cut down on your drug usage but couldn’t? 3.) Have you ever made mistakes at a job or school because you were using drugs? 4.) Have you ever stolen drugs or stolen to pay for drugs? 5.) Do you ever use drugs because you’re upset? 6.) Have you ever overdosed on drugs? 7.) Has using drugs hurt your relationships with other people?

  • Q:How long does drug rehab take?

    A:Each rehab center offers various addiction treatment programs that vary in length depending on methodology, severity of addiction, whether patients also suffer from mental disorders, and other factors. A more intensive inpatient program, for example, can take months. At our center, our structured, 12-step recovery program is 42 days long. Our recovery program is designed to change your way of thinking and acting and then get you back to your life quickly – not after a year or six months – so you can begin practicing what you’ve learned.

  • Q:What happens during drug treatment?

    A:At Impact Recovery Center, we use a faith-based, 12-step program to give people struggling with addiction an opportunity to transform themselves and their outlook on life. It’s only when we admit that we are powerless in our addiction and believe that a higher power can help us that we can make the decision to turn our lives over to God and begin our journey to recovery. The 12 steps are the foundation on which a meaningful life can be built.

  • Q:What happens after I complete rehab?

    A:We know that recovery doesn’t end once a person completes rehab. Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires patience, hard work, and forgiveness. Keeping this in mind, we offer aftercare programs in addition to rehab to ensure you continue to have the resources you need even after you leave. Some of our options include Saturday cookouts, alumni meetings, and guest speaker events to continue fostering community and give you opportunities to feel supported. We also host biweekly sponsor nights if you’d like to give back and participate as a sponsor for someone in our programs. Once you join us, you’re forever a part of our family.


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  • If you genuinely are tired of coming in and out of rehab and you want a permanent solution to addiction, Impact will give you all the tools you need! I can’t stress this enough. It really does work!!

    - Hannah G.
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