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Benzodiazepine Addiction Recovery Program In Birmingham

Take Your Power Back From Drug Addiction

While they do serve a legitimate purpose for many people, benzodiazepines are an addictive category of prescription drugs that can be easily be abused. If you are struggling with a benzo addiction and need help, know that you are not alone.

At Impact Recovery Center, we address the inner causes of addiction and utilize an accelerated version of the 12 steps to solve substance abuse issues. Our Birmingham benzodiazepine addiction program can help you recover and begin living your life free from drugs. Contact us to discuss your current situations and plans for recovery. We would be happy to help you achieve your goals and begin living the life you want.

What Are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines, also sometimes referred to as “benzos,” are a category of prescription drugs that are generally prescribed to treat conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. Many people use these types of drugs for these purposes, and benzodiazepines can be an effective type of treatment for many people.

Some people begin using benzodiazepines to treat anxiety or insomnia and then become addicted to their medication. Other people who abuse benzodiazepines do not have a medical need for the drugs. This class of drugs has become more commonly used recreationally — doing so can quickly lead to addiction and dangerous side effects. The main method of benzodiazepine abuse is orally, and snorting.

The word “benzodiazepine” might not sound familiar, but many of the drugs within this category are recognizable. Benzodiazepines that are commonly abused include:






Effects Of Benzodiazepine Use

Benzodiazepine addiction can have many negative effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Several negative effects of benzodiazepine are muscle weakness, cardiovascular damage, brain damage, aggression, memory loss, and even death.

Benzodiazepine addiction can lead to many personal and professional issues. These problems can range from loss of job, marital and relationship issues, and legal issues.

Benzodiazepine Addiction Program At Impact Recovery Center

Studies show the best way to overcome Benzodiazepine addiction and achieve long term sobriety is through the 12 step method. The 12 step method is a universal approach that is used in many different situations, and is generally an effective way to treat substance abuse issues. The program involves utilizing spirituality and alternative ways of thinking to combat the source of addiction issues.

At Impact Recovery Center, we know that having our clients work the 12 steps will positively transform their lives as well as the lives of those around them. Sobriety is a lifelong process. What our clients will learn at Impact Recovery Center through the 12 steps is a solid foundation that they can take into the world and give them lives worth living.

We also offer after care programs that give alumni of our program to continue the long-term work of living in recovery. Through group meetings, sponsorship programs, and social events, we allow people who have completed recovery at Impact Recovery Center to connect with others who are living in recovery and stay focused after finishing a program.

For more information about our recovery-based program, send us a message or call 888-300-7458.

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