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Valium can help relieve anxiety and calm the central nervous system. Doctors prescribe the drug to control anxiety, agitation caused by alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms and spasticity, and even seizures. Although Valium is meant for short-term use, many people receive longer prescriptions, which increases the risk of misuse and addiction.

Valium is very similar to Xanax, and both drugs can inspire feelings of relaxation and euphoria that wear off at the end of the dose. Whether someone is taking Valium as part of a prescription or recreationally, they may begin to crave this feeling, especially when symptoms of anxiety return.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Valium can become addictive after 2 or more weeks of daily use – even if you use it as directed.

If you are concerned about your Valium use, our addiction professionals at Impact Recovery Center are here to help.

What Is Valium?

Valium is the brand name of a drug called diazepam. Like Xanax (alprazolam), Valium is a benzodiazepine, which means it works by calming abnormal overactivity in the brain. Alprazolam and diazepam are the 2 most prescribed benzodiazepines in the United States, and both have the potential for addictive use.

People also use Valium outside of prescriptions because they like the way the drug “slows them down.” The more Valium you take, the higher your potential for addiction. Valium only relieves anxiety until a certain point and taking too much Valium can actually make your anxiety worse and create other problems.

Whether you find yourself slipping outside of prescription guidelines or “self-medicating” to deal with the stressors of everyday life, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Every member of our team has been where you are, and we are ready to help you reclaim your future from Valium addiction.

How Do I Know If I Am Addicted To Valium?

Many people experience drug dependence while taking Valium, which is not necessarily the same as addiction. You might be physically or emotionally dependent on Valium if you need more and more of the drug to feel the same effect (this is called tolerance) or if you experience unpleasant, flu-like symptoms when you stop taking Valium (this is called withdrawal).

Although drug dependence is a component of addiction, drug addiction is defined as “a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences.”

Some signs and symptoms of Valium addiction may include:

Using or wanting to use Valium

Having intense cravings for Valium

Spending a lot of your time using or recovering from Valium

Using more Valium than you mean to or feeling sedated for longer than you mean to

Isolating yourself to use Valium and having relationship problems

Losing interests in things you love

Poor performance at work or in school

“Doctor shopping” to get multiple Valium prescriptions

Obtaining Valium illegally

Behaving dangerously (i.e. driving or having unprotected sex) while on Valium

Continuing to use the drugs despite associated difficulties, risks, and problems

Trying and failing to stop using Valium

If any of these issues seem familiar, it’s time to get help.

Can I Recover From Valium Addiction?

Yes, recovery is always possible, and we can and do recover, together, at Impact Recovery Center. Unlike other programs, we go back to the basics of addiction recovery and use the 12 steps to seek spiritual awakening and redefine our lives.

With our team, recovery is not detoxing and moving on. Instead, we help you build a recovery community and renew your interest in a life of sobriety. We focus on diet, exercise, and mindfulness, as well as skills like financial literacy and goal setting. Our lodge is full of recreational opportunities and events that help you connect with yourself and others. We host monthly family workshops and alumni cookouts, so you have the support you need at every stage of recovery.

For more information about our recovery-based program, send us a message or call 888-300-7458.

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