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Prescription drug abuse is a major issue nationwide. Not only are these
types of drugs widely used recreationally, many drugs that do serve medicinal
purposes can be highly addictive and lead to substance abuse issues for
patients. Recovering from prescription drug addiction often requires medical
guidance and professional rehabilitation programs.

If you are in need of prescription drug addiction treatment in Birmingham,
the Impact Recovery Center team can help. We have been through recovery
ourselves, and apply our personal experiences and first-hand knowledge
to every treatment plan that we create for our clients. We can help you
pull away from the grip of substance abuse and begin living a happy, successful
life in sobriety!

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Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Any type of prescription drug can be abused. Of course, some drugs are
abused more commonly than others. This is often because of a drug’s
inherently addictive properties, or because a drug causes pleasurable
or relaxing effects.

Some of the most commonly abused drugs are medications that have a combination
of addictive properties and favorable immediate effects. Mental health
medications and painkillers have these characteristics, and therefore,
are commonly abused.

Types of prescription drugs that are commonly abused include:

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

It can be difficult to identify prescription drug abuse in yourself or
a loved one. When people become addicted to prescription drugs while using
them for a medical purpose, patients may not notice that they have a problem
because they are technically supposed to be using the drug. However, substance
abuse is apparent when a person is using prescription drugs in a way that
is not directed. Often, prescription drug abuse is marked by a person
using a medication in greater quantities or more frequently than ordered
by their doctor. A person who is addicted to prescription drugs may continue
using a medication after they no longer need the drug or no longer have
a prescription.

Recreational prescription drug use, in which the person using the drug
does not have a prescription, is dangerous no matter what. Using any drug
without a prescription can lead to dangerous side effects, including addiction
and overdose. If you or a loved one is using prescription drugs despite
not having an order from a doctor, please contact us for help.

The signs of prescription drug abuse, whether a person has a prescription
or not, may include the following:

  • Having drugs or paraphernalia in their home or one their person

  • Isolating from friends and family

  • Avoiding professional and personal obligations

  • Exhibiting side effects such as mood swings and sluggishness

  • Being secretive

The signs listed above are general examples that may or may not indicate
prescription drug abuse. Please keep in mind that the physical symptoms
of prescription drug abuse will vary depending on the type of drug that
is being used.


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